Airtel bb subscription unlimited music s

airtel bb subscription unlimited music s

This is the complete Airtel BlackBerry Plans: Eligibility, Pricing and plans available are BB ABSOLUTE, BB COMPLETE and BB UNLIMITED. Under another plan, it will offer unlimited voice calling along with SMS per day, 5GB 3G/4G data and free subscription to Wynk Music and. How to subscribe and activate your Airtel blackberry unlimited plan on all devices ranging from android smartphone, Personal Computers and. ALSO READ Airtel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Subscription Codes For ₦3,, you get . Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Data Plan & Subscription Codes.

Airtel Bis Now N For 3GB On Only BB Device And N For 3GB On All Devices - LKT

Last Updated: September 1st, Airtel recently upgraded their blackberry plan for both blackberry devices and other devices. The Airtel blackberry package which usually cost N1, with a 3GB data bundle was upgraded to now cost just N with a 3GB data and also for other devices for N1, with a 3GB data. Normally the Airtel blackberry Bis plan 3GB for N was tested and working hgw game watcher s4 league both blackberry devices and other devices like android, ios, windows phone, pc.

Airtel recently sent a text confirming the reduction to N from N1, for 3GB on airtel bb subscription unlimited music s blackberry device and N1, airtel bb subscription unlimited music s 3GB on all devices. This is only for Blackberry devices. The table below outlines the updated list of BlackBerry plans on the Airtel Network:. Airtel are yet to update the blackberry monthly plan which is now N and not N1, on their website update list.

Even if you recharge N1, it is only N that would be deducted from your balance. This plans works across Android, iPhones. Keep rocking guys. Pls Larious gv me a list of BlackBerry phones that the airtel BlackBerry for 3gb can work effectively on. The airtel 1k for 3gb works only on blackberry devices, all blackberry devices even bb10 devices.

But its only the 1, that works on android devices. Does it require any special internet settings, tweaks and whatnots? Is this latest airtel of k for 3GB per month working on Modem? If yes, give me the code pls. But if not, give me the plan that can give me 3GB monthly with the code and amount it will cost me. Thank you. Has airtel discontinued the plan?? Have you called customer care? It should work with no problem. Try to reboot the device and try again. Am sorry you did the wrong plan.

The N plan only works on blackberry devices and not on android devices. There is nothing you can do about that. The only way is to use a blackberry device and hotspot the connection to your P9. All the best sir. Good day sir,mr larious,is the 1k for BB unlimited?

I did a day Airtel naira to test if it will work and it is working, that means 1K OWN will work am using techno android phone. This is confusing, try n clarify this Sire…I use a Q10, n I want to confirm if the 1k sub wil work on my phone. I just loaded on my airtel sim for use on my blackberry data plan in my modem. I sent BSM tobut no activation, pls kindly inform me of any change in code or new method of subsribing for BB on modem.

Hello mr Larious… Pls, i wanna if any of these plans [esp the one] works on an android Phone with bb imei pls… Tanx! The airtel 1k bb10 complete plan works on android but you have to tweak your android imei to a bb10 imei number.

You get airtel bb subscription unlimited music s for 3gb. Pls what BlackBerry plan is suitable for me: BlackBerry z30, and I want all my emails 6 synchronized. To last for one month. Bless you. Did it with z But how airtel bb subscription unlimited music s I share this mb with my friend. Code pls. I need blackberry plan that can work for 30 days…please what is the code and how to check the balance. Are you sure this plan can download stuff. Please can you show me the way and manner I can use 3Gb Blackberry to be used in my Android phone?

I want to use it on my Blackberry Bold5 phone will it work?? Pls I need reply as soon as posible. Nice update, but this days, its like Airtel has increase the speed at which the Mb runs out and its so annoying. My Name is Epignosis, i have not tried this Airtel sub for BB that works on android devices, my question is, is it 2G or 3G for the ? Admin pls ah need feed back. Thanks for the info. Pls can I use the 1k plan of 3gig on my blackberry Q5? If yes pls kindly help me with the code. I only use d fone pattampoochi song mp3 in a while, so my BIS end up wasting everymonth.

Please, is there any way or anything to be done to make the 1k for 3gb plan work for bb10 device? The 10gb for is now 5gb for that amount. There is nothing you can do to that. Your using android device now not blackberry. Hey bro,can I use the Airtel 1k for 3gig bb10 subscription if I tweak my Android phone to a bb10 imel.

I jst wanna ask maybe airtel will work on it. Bro Pls, I just got a tecno j8, will the bb10 1k for 3gig work if i tweak my imei to bb10, pls…. I just subscribe to Airtel Bbm complete of 1k on my twerk Android device but is not working. How do i check my databalance for d plan of 3gig which i paid I loaded this on my andriod phone and it worked but i need to know how to check my data balance. I appreciate your efforts carrying everyone along on the lowkeytech platform, the Lord be your strength.

Please how do I go back to the plan and get the N for 3G active. Thanks and be blessed. Please reload your line with N by Tue 15 Aug, Tanx n am waiting. It all depends on how you use it. My chairman does this package still work in this month of October? I have both bb and bb10 imeis which one do I tweak my android imei to in order to be able to browse with it? September 1st, By Larious Network Tips. September 1st, Airtel recently upgraded their blackberry plan for both blackberry devices and other devices.

Lets get started on how to subscribe to new updated Airtel Blackberry Bis Plan. The table below outlines the updated list of BlackBerry plans on the Airtel Network: Please share this: Like this: Like Loading Tired of Spending Money on Data? Does the also work for blackberry Q10 also. Yes the N does work quite alright on bb10 devices. Does the airtel bb subscription unlimited music s on Q10 Loading NOO it doesnt work.

Yes it works. Pls is the 1, work on modem with laptop? Check what you downloaded, or your pc or antivirus does automatic updates without you knowing Loading What device are you using? Am sorry it doesnt work on bb10, i tested it and it didnt work on bb10 devices… Loading The 3G bundle works on iPhone? How do I increase the bundle?? Thank you Loading Only works for blackberry devices. BB10 is different from bb.

Its hard bass yayca movies 1, subscription that works. I did subscription on my bold airtel bb subscription unlimited music s, till now it has not still started working. What wrong pls?

Airtel Nigeria have come up with an outrageous list of Data plans that will wow Nigerians. It worked perfectly well on my Gionee Marathon M5. Most people would love to know whether it is just like MTN cheap data plan that works only at night. No, this New Airtel cheap data plans, currently works both day and night. To ensure that this article is easy to navigate, I would be categorizing the subscriptions based on their validity periods.

However, this is not the case with the following Airtel daily Internet bundles. Although this cheapest Airtel data plan allocated to this bundle compared to the first bundle listed is small, I find this one particularly interesting. The internet subscriptions for Airtel also features monthly packages that users can enjoy. Plans in this category are one of the best in Nigeria relative to what other Mobile Internet airtel bb subscription unlimited music s offer. Airtel offers you 1.

This Airtel Data plan for N1, naira is their Android 1. I have tested it, and it truly works and unlike their blackberry plans, the data consumption rate is reasonable. What I mean is, you get an airtel bb subscription unlimited music s 1. This plan is perfect for the everyday internet user who sometimes stream videos and download clips.

Opera mini is very good at data compression, so trust me, if you are not downloading, MB will take you over a month. Yes, over 4GB incoming data compressed to under MB.

Ah, very important! Checking your data balance on Airtel is as easy as checking your normal airtime balance. Check this section of the site https: Rubbish what is 2g if you think your data is cheap why not leave it at 3g to gain maximum speed….

Glo data is not restricted to 2 so stop comparing. Airtel had better do something good enough or leave it alone. Its slow and frustrating to start with. Mtn sme data 1gb - 2gb- all valid for one month. If your interested, call or whatsap Slow on high end smartphones. Talkess of browsing on a pc or laptop with a Modem or Hotspot. For thise who rquire special data plans designed for routers to deliver superfast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage.

The bundles are locked to Airtel Routers on 4G network, meaning that the data cannot airtel bb subscription unlimited music s consumed outside of Airtel 4G coverage area. Buy now.

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