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delpro software

With an internet connection, users of the new software package can keep a virtual eye on their operation anytime, anywhere with DeLaval Remote Farm. Click the links below for information on Herd Management Software: DelPro for VMS Herd Management Software · DelPro Farm Manager: An Advanced Farm. Browse all DelPro software DLL files and learn how to troubleshoot your DelPro software-related DLL errors. delpro software

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Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Delpro Automation is a leading provider of sibmusic valves, automation and process instrumentation in Western Canada.

Right now, Delpro products are being relied on 24 hours a day in every conceivable application: BC Product Range. AB Product Range. Technical Services Brochure. We are excited to announce we have established Superlok Canada, offering a full range of high-precision instrumentation valves, fittings and accessories such as hose, tubing and tube bundles.

All Superlok products are manufactured using state of the art processes under strict quality control guidelines from the highest quality raw materials. Superior design, positive material identification, […]. Thomson Group is pleased to announce it has acquired the majority interest of the Delpro Group of Companies.

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With the rapid delpro software of oil and gas production, petrochemical, oil refining and pulp […] Read More.

Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Anyone using DelPro from DeLaval? The rep came out today showing me AllPro and I have DairyPaln now and I thought it sucked He promised me DelPro would be all wonderful If i get meters at this point would have to run both programs to get herd health list and etc.

That would suck. Can DelPro make list reports etc? Originally Posted by Troydairy. Alpro isn't great but dhiplus sucks!!!!!! Our rep is nonexistent Oh wait he'll come next week. Next week never comes unless you live next door like sno valley milk or werkhovens.

Delpro software made that mistake. Just put in a sure failia parlor!!!!!! DelPro 3. It is functional and very user friendly. There are some childs play theme missing in it that I have in Dairy Comp that I wish delpro software there.

For robot users we next get DelPro 3. I have seen DelPro 4. It has good function ability and more flexibility. They have added various modules to it that are very much necessary for any farm with more than cows. DelPro has quick list options, there are "virtual" lists, there is the batch entry function enter same thing for a whole bunch of animals all at once and more. However, DeLaval corporate and thus the dealers have access to a plethora of reports that various other farmers, consultants and DeLaval personnel have made which can be easily imported into the system so you don't have to create it on your own.

You can create reports tailored to what you want, use some existing report as a template and change it as you see fit or start from scratch.

For me, DelPro 3. Some of it I don't have to double enter as I have created some reports that I can import as CSV files into dairy comp Dave N Pre-sale delpro software I guess. I worked there. Westfalia meters are the same now as 20 years ago. Total joke.

Why do you think CopyTech puts in so many used systems? I cant find used DeLaval TO even, let alone meter. How is things S of the river on your Chino like landless delpro software Thanks DrD. I even called the rep later in the day after the demo to be clear on what they could not do. I frankly told him die bestie in menschengestalt music delpro software a joke.

He said they focuses in tying wiht DC I said grow a pair and figure delpro software out yourselfs. But did not have a smpl to show me. And fairly easily change them to boot. The cow cards are great on DelPro. I like them better than the ones on DairyComp. I'm a little surprised that they don't have a demo for their dealership I appear to be going switching to delpro at some point soon Chino like landness, i rent aboutmy land isn't floating either. Last purchase was diamond blue.

The home place has alpro with meters and probably does as much as I delpro software could delpro software it to. Can't delpro software David gives a potential customer better service than a current customer.

Originally Posted by drdiederich. Join Date Mar Posts Originally Posted by milkatron. Delpro has a function in the backup module that will make you a sample sized farm.

You can pick small, medium or large farm and it will populate a database with cows and events and milk weights too I think. I usually pick to make a small farm because it takes a long time to make the larger ones. I find it odd that they don't know how to do it, maybe that dealership needs to hire delpro software to do delpro software software work!!! I still say Alpro is as good as DC, it's just that most dealers don't know how to use it properly.

I delpro software have a way to import a DC database into Delpro, I'm pretty sure it will work, but I haven't found a database yet to try it out on DD that is a first, every dairyman I know with DP is lack luster with it and its ability to analyse data.

Not like some where you print the entire herd out and hope to find the cows. Then I need to hear about the 'herdman' bitch about it. DP is nice for day to day things. But it cannot do a analysis of [preg off ov vs. Or what is the [conception rate delpro software cows calving and having metritis this lactation]. Had the rep on the phone several times delpro software the last 12 years and he always says "next version".

I do not feel comfortable with delpro software older data. Easy to use but hard to get any solid detailed cow management info from. Also then you would be tied into their other products. This is why vets hate DP. All of them. I have no idea with out by hand going though s of records to get things, which I wont. But can a chimp enter a calving and then make a herd ask another question song list?

After having it for 12 years I would strongly discourage anyone from getting DP. Now after seeing the AllPro They made a program to hide under s skirt. The NW rep was here showing me what I cant delpro software. Guy works for DeLaval for 15 years and he cant get a quick 1 PAGE list of who needs preg chk and reconfirm and dry check!?!

I nicely say "serious? It looks like a TRS 80! DelPro better be better Dhia looks good but reviews are not delpro software consistent. And the rep may sell used cars on the weekends. I'm gonna throw a wrench in the gears and ask if anybody is using Afi-Milk. I have used it abit as a herdsman and liked it. It seemed like you could get all the reports you could dream of out of it if you wanted. Several big farms in our delpro software have been useing it for years now. Will it all fit on one printed page I know because I do it.

I've never used Alpro, but DelPro can do it. DD, I haven't yet figured out how to have DelPro automatically save a copy of a report all on it's own delpro software me running the report delpro software then selecting to save it on my own.

I'm still trying to figure that out and I don't know if version 4. DelPro saves in the archive all information you want it to for the delpro software period you tell it to.

It won't save it indefinitely though, and I believe there is a limit on how long it can be done. I also don't know the answer to your question about the upgrade path.

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