How to get verdandi tower of saviors

how to get verdandi tower of saviors

Jan 4, When you really want something, chances are it isn't likely to drop. Just passively farm her like I did. Once you get a verdandi, you're going to. Hello guys i have got a question. I have Verdandi and i want to upgrade the CD of this card. I've heard that honeymons can help to do this. As he realized his future, he decided to share his power with his loved ones. Odin asked Verdandi to thread the needle to change the fate of all creatures.

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Hello There, Guest! Login Register. Login Username: Lost Password? Remember me. Pages 3: Thread Rating: Thread Modes. Azrael Senior Summoner. Feb Reputation: Jul Reputation: For PR, its better if its at a higher level. And before you pr, feed her honeymoons to max her cd first which is 10 after you pr, the dxtory crackeado fullerton will become 8 automatically.

Gimme some time I was away from forum for a loooooooong time. How many do I have to feed her? Should I do it one or five at a time? Does it matter if I use baby ones? It dont matter the size of the honeymoons, just dont use the largest one xD Feed 3 at a time. How many you have to feed kinda depends on luck.

I'm guessing it's a lot to get her CD that low? Is she a good utility card for any team? I forgot how much i fed her but i remember it want too huge of an amount. She's good for grinding teams. And besides that she's good to go up against high defend enemies with low health.

I wont say she's a good utility for ever team but only for grinding teams, earth team and rainbow team rare cases. Definitely a cards thats needed in grinding team. EmberSpirit Senior Summoner. Aug Reputation: About honeymons. She's mvp in some SM battles. Forgive me for being a noob, but what exactly is a grinding team? My current team is a dark mono consisting of: Any help and tips would be much appreciated.

Grinding team, are team that have very very low burst damage but they are highly unkillable by how to get verdandi tower of saviors boss. Usually having an ally or leader that reduces damage received. Yesterdays event referring to hades? You need a verd for stage 4. Crux Valued Contributor. Oct Reputation: Grinding team is basically defensive setup team; grinds your way through every stages with tumbler, defensive dragons and iduns As for your setup for the SM ytd, what was your ally?

Your team lacked a defense breaker for Beowulf stage. Hope I helped. Error Signature not found. View a Printable Version Subscribe to how to get verdandi tower of saviors thread. Forum Jump: Current time: Linear Mode.

Threaded Mode. Thread Modes Verdandi? Azrael Senior Summoner Posts: Is this a card I should level and PR? If so, what level should I PR her at? I use a dark mono deck mostly, but her active skill how to get verdandi tower of saviors to work well with any team.

The skill looks to especially useful against bosses and stronger monsters. Hope I helped Error Find Reply.

Odin had obtained vigorous power from the Runes. As he had realized his future, he decided to share his power with his loved ones. Odin asked Verthandi to thread the needle to change the fate of all creatures. They have been linked to you since a long time ago.

Despite the fact that the gravity within her words always worried Odin, he could change nothing. Everything will go as you wish. He howled in pain. Mimir told me so. Everything will happen as you have prophesied How to get verdandi tower of saviors the ancient savant ordered his daughters to assist Odin in saving the realm from the apocalypse.

After Odin became the deity of war among Humans by obtaining the power of Runes, he asked Verthandi to transfer part of his power to his fellows. They managed to drive the Demons away, but how to get verdandi tower of saviors could not stop the power from eroding their souls.

When peace finally arrived, Odin volunteered to be sealed inside the Tower. He entrusted Verthandi and the Valkyries. The web of changes shall be weaved with the threads of fate Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Edit Template. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Card details. The Norns. The effect could be superimposed at most 3 times. Active Defense - Earth. Script of Fate.

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PEINADOS HERMOSAS REFLEXIONES They are mostly quite easy to max, with again the exception of the Greek beasts, normal beasts take around 2. To dust off the English Wiki instead of somewhat translating would be a lot of help and reference to everyone. Unfortunately there is way too much information and variety to this game in order for me to grasp it efficiently. Card details. If you want to speed level up the whole process you can switch to Instant Battles instead, aka hunting for Soulstones, IF you are ready to face those other rather negative side effects. Cancel Save.
how to get verdandi tower of saviors

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