Alessandro lanzoni youtube er

alessandro lanzoni youtube er

Alessandro Lanzoni 4TET (JAZZ). Thu Jan 17, UTC+01 at Zig Zag Jazz Club. guests. Calamaris at Donau Fri Jan 11, UTC+01 at Donau Though release dates are the aim with links to YouTube, some are recording dates and may Sketch Up & Down'er ('13), the latter a quartet composed of Baptiste Herbin (alto sax), Alessandro Lanzoni (piano) and Michel Benita ( bass). of Music. /abrsm @abrsm ABRSM YouTube . set from Alessandro Lanzoni, whose dynamic command of lyricism and . FE ATURING ALO SIBONGILE KHUM ZI UD UK OLIV ER MT TS EPO TS HOLA. · .. Alessandro Lanzoni – piano. Tom Berkmann – bass Nun stellt er sein neuestes Solo Projekt BernsteinZimmer exklusiv in der Donau vor. Die Musik erinnert. Nov. als Highlight ihr special Guest Daniel Busch (trbn) Er ist nicht nur als Pietro Tonolo, Joe Chambers, Dan Kinzelman, Alessandro Lanzoni. alessandro lanzoni youtube er

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Alessandro Lanzoni / Impro

Mittwoch, MINUAs music presents itself in constant alteration, always searching for a manifestation of this subtle beauty that could hide itself in a seemingly unimportant detail. The borders between improvisation and alessandro lanzoni youtube er lose their relevance while the only focus lies on the flow of the music. Die Grenzen zwischen Improvisation und Komposition verlieren an Bedeutung, unteilbare Aufmerksamkeit gilt dem Fluss der Musik, die Interaktion mit Raum und Zuhorer erzeugt Tongedichte; Momente, die verganglich und nicht reproduzierbar bleiben und vielleicht gerade deshalb bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen.

Donnerstag, Donau Conversations is a monthly concert series presented by Berlin-based drummer Alessandro lanzoni youtube er Ruppnig.

Each event will feature groups of varying styles and personnel, performing jazz standards, original music or free improvisation. Freitag, Februar Daniel Knox and Telesonic A hotel ghost clattering away on a dilapidated old piano in the lobby? A phantom organist, hiding behind the movie projector and disappearing into the notes just when you turn around to see where that broken music came from?

Who knows! In when David Lynch was touring the country with his film Inland Empire he asked for a local musician to play a piece which led to Knox composing a droning instrumental piece to perform in front of his idol — Lynch looming over him from the stage as he played. Twelve years later, Daniel Knox is still on the run through the music and the night. His journey brings him to us at Donau This one is not to be missed, get here early!

Samstag, Februar Practically Married Unlucky for some. Practically Married Mystical rituals. Loop folk. This is a fresh exhilarating vibe not to be missed! In December they had an extended tour in St Petersburg and Moscow. They are recording a new album in March. So, catch them live to hear some new tunes and grooves while they are alessandro lanzoni youtube er They have lots of inspirations through their musical journeys and studies, and in this project they mix them to create an organic yet very original sound.

The focus here is create something very tight and precise which is often not possible with bigger groups while being totally free and creative. Und schon David Bowie zu einem bewegendem Falsett animierten. Nun betritt das Berliner Ensemble das sattsam abgegraste Terrain. Die 4 Musiker brauchen darauf keine Antwort. Sie nehmen sie stattdessen zum Anlass ihrer Kultur des freien Miteinanders.

Kayan Project performs Arabic, Hebrew alessandro lanzoni youtube er English folk and original songs infused with improvisational elements. The performance swings between times, genres and languages, combining sounds and rhythms from the Middle East and the European West.

The project opens a door, through old folk tunes and original songs, to the inner worlds of musicians coming from the same area with very different musical backgrounds; musicians who join on kijamii for blackberry music to communicate their stories and feelings through music; musicians who embark on new journeys inside themselves and with the audience.

Dienstag Eldar Tsalikov and Greg Cohen have been playing together since Hector was a pup. Both cities alessandro lanzoni youtube er located on the water, and it is this common thread that originally brought the two of them together. Their 1st gig was playing underwater at the Oberhausen aquarium. The duo serenaded the baby harp seals with some serious jazz for 20 minutes before hypothermia set in. A short set — of some cool jazz!

Although they both work hard, it has been said that Eldar is the brains of the group. And Greg, merely a pretty face. Regardless, they put on a nice show. They will be playing a medley of their hit. Please join them for this reunion concert. Although there music is mostly gentle, we suggest rinsing your ears after the 2nd set.

Es entsteht ein geheuerliches alessandro lanzoni youtube er Arrangierte Parts wechseln sich mit Soli, Kompositionen mit freier Improvisation ab. Die Band Das Kleine Grusel. Die beiden sind Freunde, Nachbarn und verstehen sich auch musikalisch sehr gut.

Besonders gerne spielen sie frei. Auch heute Abend wird es wieder spannend mit den beiden. Mirna Bogdanovic — Gesang www. Eine Ermunterung ins.

Detail zu gehen. Begleitet von hier schmeichelnder, dort grotesker Gitarre, wenig gewalktem Bass und eigensinnigem, klischeefreiem Rhythmusfundament. Mittwoch Januar Practically Married. When will they say yes? Maybe this year? Januar Thijs de Klijn Quintet. While doing everything on a recording is impossible, Thijs de Klijn Alessandro lanzoni youtube er certainly covers a lot on their alessandro lanzoni youtube er album. They move between African grooves, free jazz, swing and rock, and go anywhere alessandro lanzoni youtube er they want to go.

The compositions are all originals by Thijs de Klijn written for his favourite musicians he met while living in Berlin.

Januar Karl Marx Sound System. A free-form night of songs, ambient jams, harps, ye olde musick, and ye neue musik! These four solo performers will bring two sets of collaborative projects. After the show, a quiet but enveloping down-tempo collab DJ set will smooth out the bleary edges of the evening. Live at BeJazz Bern: HUM is a collaborative quartet of creative and improvisational music founded in the year Each of these musicians is highly active alessandro lanzoni youtube er each of their local scenes Berlin, Zurich, Copenhagen and Buenos Aires and from the moment they met the mutual communion was instant.

The music consisted of compositions of each of the members of the band, reorganized and arranged collectively for ultima vez facil apk er group aesthetics, which is providing certain written ideas to create the best environment for the unknown, thus making each concert different by changing the order of the pieces or the feel with which they were interpreted. After winning the Transnational Festival the band was asked to play in the Winter Jazz Festival in Bern enabling a second european tour.

Also a South American tour is on the books for November The band recorded live at BeJazz Bern in March and the material is about to be released in Fall Mark Pringle first brought this group of international musicians together for his Masters Abschlusskonzert at the Jazz-Institut Berlin last year.

Es geht darum gute handgemachte Musik zu spielen, Risiken einzugehen und gemeinsam etwas im Moment zu kreieren. Photo by http: Sie kennen sich seit Jahren aus unterschiedlichen De la zei la cimpanzei zippyshare — haben in dieser Konstellation allerdings noch nicht zusammengespielt.

But since her early youth she is exploring the jazz world, without fearing the chaos. She enjoys the possibility to connect own pieces with jazz-standards and free improvisation. Noch eine Woche, dann geht es ab in die Winterpause. Dienstag, John Hollenbeck and Prof. Writing his own music and arrangements was already at the beginning of his career as a musician an important issue. Benjamin Geyer — piano, synths, effects Tabea Schrenk — Cello.

Foto by Ni Ka. Since she has been living and working back in her hometown of Berlin. Tabea has been honoured as a violoncellist and chamber musician several times, receiving prizes from the Bach Solo competition in London, the Alice Samter Wettbewerb and the international Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Berlin, amongst others. Her playing is the perfect combination of soulfulness, surprise, a beautiful sound and great technique!

I look forward to listening to every one of her musical adventures. Mirna is an active member of the Berlin Jazz scene, and a part of various jazz projects as a singer and composer. The last concert at Donau in !!! We are going to play some original music of each of us in a more electrified setup. So come celebrate the last concert in with us.

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