Return to castle wolfenstein german patch

return to castle wolfenstein german patch

Browse Return To Castle Wolfenstein files to download full releases, installer, sdk, RTCWCOOP tribute add-on patch, which adds remade weapon models, from The (Levels and Intro) and Player Sound from Deutsch Version RtCW- Game. about the upcoming came Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which I hope you But anyhow, apparently due to German laws about banning .. Also there is an entire site ( devoted to patches enabling blood. The download link is at the bottom of the page listed as 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein vc' under Win32 Binaries. The patch does quite a bit. Hi All, Wondering if anyone knew anything about installing patch b? When i select the patch I get the following error "Couldnt Load. Dieser Patch macht Return to Castle Wolfenstein Deutsch komplett Uncut, Zusätzlich können die More Gore Patches Installiert werden. Return to Castle Wolfenstein b Patch (win32) .. battles to part 6?.. and now I 'm fighting the Germans in a close replay of the original sp game's village level. return to castle wolfenstein german patch

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Was browsing this site: But anyhow, apparently due to German laws about banning Nazi-related stuff, they are not going to allow this game. Germany is an awesome country, but damn! It's anti-nazi, you fools! Posession of nazi insignia is illegal in Germany. No matter which way it's used. I'm sure the next Wolf game will have plenty swastikas. Thats really pathetic.

Germany is full of fscking assholes for doing that. Well, for some reason neonazis marching through inner cities with swastika banners might hurt the feelings of holocaust victims.

And while I don't really agree with the reasoning I can understand and accept it. Details are soapbox material. Just imagine a game with clan insignias and hung niggers all over the place What response would it recieve in the US? Even if you'd play the human rights guy with the big rifle. There are dozens of reasons why we might be assholes, but that one a friggin game is pretty pathetic, as are you, sorry.

Just imagine a game with clan insigias and hung niggers all over the place Here in the US, that would be perfectly legal.

Of course, damned if I'd buy a game that was blatantly racist like that, but they have every right to make it. Seriously, there would be lawsuits, lots of them. So revell in you theoretical freedom and bow to PC which as an exception could have a point in this case.

Germany is responding to outside pressures, which they've been doing ever since the end of WW2. Given that Germany lost the war, they're avast for android phone doing anything more than covering their asses.

Imagine if Germany did allow Nazi materials to float around. Everyone would give them shit. People would still bitch. I seriously doubt there are tons of holocasut victime in Germany, still.

Even assuming there are, that's no reason to limit speech. This isn't about public response, it's about government refusing to let the game be sold.

It's not like id is not releasing the game in Germany because they think no one will buy it. Yes, that is a second reason. But this is a very, extremely pc critical topic in Germany, not just "covering our asses". There are the victims, old or not we still should not forget. And of course there are the families and the offspring of the victims.

For instance the "central commitee" of German jews has a loud voice in the media. I see your point. I just wanted to give you an idea, a reference, how this issue is percieved here.

We return to castle wolfenstein german patch our way, you have yours. I also see many advantages of living in Germany or Europe. There are many critcal issues in regard to censorship in Germany, but that's part of the heritage we alas have to live with because of Return to castle wolfenstein german patch. I hope some will be reviewed and changed in time. I just don't want to be called an asshole by a random idiot in hurry, who maybe doesn't even own a international passport let stand ever visited our country.

I would think so. I hope they don't pussify it or anything. I want to kill Nazis, not Germans. Then for you all the swastikas you desire, of course. I don't want to get shot by some confused kids when I'm in the US the next time In a time where Germany is again a major power in Europe economically, not military-wiseit's in their best interest to limit speech rather than to imply that they respected the soldiers of the Third Reich.

Being from Germany, and keeping tabs on its ongoings there, I'm not just an ignorant American responding to something he's completely unaware of quote: Which I don't agree with on various levels, but that's a different discussion. Rat was just in Germany this past summer quote: Which means you want to kill German soldiers, not necessarily just those responsible for the Holocasut.

Good point Arsinius, I agree. Flipside, I don't think they could replace swastika with a cross, it might look like the red cross and hence like a health bonus or a Return to castle wolfenstein german patch flag more offence caused. Causing offence to a group is bad, but you can't just hide things.

Schindler's list would have been a bit rubbish if the Nazis wore crosses so the film could be shown in Germany. Anyway return to castle wolfenstein german patch is getting a bit soapbox, just be sure before running toward that health bonus. Didn't the version of Half-Life that was released in Germany replace all the scientists, marines, and Barneys with return to castle wolfenstein german patch robots?

It seems Germany is "Uber" sensitive to the whole violent video game issue. It makes shooting them just more realistic. Heisst das deutsche Abstammung, in Deutschland geboren oder dort aufgewachsen? Ich fage nur, weil ich, als ich in Amerika war unbedingt einige "deutsche" Nachbarn besuchen sollte, die dann aber, wie sich herraustellte allesamt super nett waren, und grosse Photoalben hervorzerrten, aber kein Wort Deutsch mehr konnten. That certainly also was to show the allies, etc.

So it was no kneejerk reaction to counter Maggie Thatcher like fear of united Germany. As I said it certainly is a reason, but implying that it's just the pressure is out of proportion. Most of the people, excluding the nazi minority, do agree with the laws and those who don't are an american tragedy mobi sites opposers.

There is as should be a general sore spot regarding the holocaust, it is not just forced upon the population by an evil Government. And censorship is much more common in Europe, just look at France. Also our Constitution allows it under certain circumstances, yours does not. Which does not justify anything, it stand by me remix puts into some perspective the "forced" argument.

I'm definitely not pro-censorship, but that is a huge topic. And the Wehrmacht as such, i. Being from Germany, and keeping tabs on its ongoings there, I'm not just an ignorant American responding to something he's completely unaware of Well, the post by your friend?

Also a few Americans are rumoured to have some problems understanding foreign cultures. Just, at the end, nearly everyone was a member.

I'm sure the makers of the new Wolfenstein will provide some exceedingly evil and vicious nazis or whatever in oder to keep fragging fun Ok, enough soap box for the gaming forum. Ramen Pride!: Yes, that's true there was this version. But the ban is just for retail it's just an age classification, reallyonline stores sold the US version with the red stuff to anyone, which makes the retail ban ridiculous of course.

Also there is an entire site www. So much for sucessful censorship. While it's true that Germany appears to be harder on censoring certain things like violence, the censorship of WWII materials is is way too extreme, IMO. Ich war in Deutschland geboren, aber ich lebte dort fuer bloss drei Jahren. Jede parr Jaren flieg ich aber zuerrig das ich Verwandschaft besuchen kann.

Deutsch schreiben kann ich nicht mehr so gut, aber ich spreche Deutsch fluessig quote: Yes, and at the time, it was a good decision.

I think it's dated at this point, though, and I don't believe it's helping as much as it hurts. The government reflects the will of the people, sure, but it's not just the politicians who are watching their asses.

Can you imagine what would happen return to castle wolfenstein german patch the people suddenly demanded a historic site glorifying the military roles of their forefathers?

The media return to castle wolfenstein german patch have a field day. While I admit that a number of Germans are firmly content in ignoring the past and shutting out any and all reminders to it, I would argue that many Germans, given a guaranteed lack of backlash, would be quite willing to drop the censorship and import issues regarding wartime artifacts.

As it stands, if you're a German, and you happen to find, say, a picture of a relative from WW2 in Germany military dress, you can't bid on it and have it sent to Germany. That, IMO, is simply retarded. A line has to be drawn somewhere, and the way things are now, return to castle wolfenstein german patch has stepped way over it. Not only that, but the ignorant common day american associates SS as to being purly anti-semetic murderers Many 'true' germans are getting kind of pissed since the amount of foreigns entering the country is making the 'original' german less powerfull.

Many people want to stop immigration over there, and violence against turks and russians is ever so rising. The german government gives out money to russian immigrants, like american food stamps, and the 'true' germans are sick of seeing this happen.

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