Scattante road bike r550

scattante road bike r550

Get a great deal with this online auction for a Scattante road bike presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. Nov 16, Looking for a new bike and saw a Scattante R for what looks like a good price of \9 it has s and looks pretty well loaded for a bike of this. Hi there. I've been looking for reasonably decent road bike for a price under $ I've narraowed it down to the Specialized Allez Sport and. Product Description. A high performance Shimano equipped bike at a price that's tough to beat. You get an aero shaped Easton Ultralite. Get a great deal with this online auction for a Scattante road bike presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. I wanted a full Shimano set-up and many other bikes with those components were priced much higher. It has a carbon fork with an aluminum frame. Review of Scattante R I have now used the bike for a full year, appx.

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They will be actively removed, unless there is some kind of necessary discussion involved. Surveys from new accounts will be removed. Please keep discussions civil and respectful. Know your reddiquette! Make this subreddit a better place by voting and participating in the new section. This will be my first time actually buying a good bike as I plan to ride more. I am looking to get a road bike, but I know very little about them.

It's equipped. Anybody have experience with Scattante's bikes? Or should I look to buy a different bike? How do you spuninst exe microsoft the taste of the knock-off Safeway or Walmart brand of Macaroni. That is what you are going to be paying for here. I'm by no means saying that this bike is garbage.

This bike will fair pretty well for what you are paying for. I recognize it is bad to try to make an argument against a bike from Wally World, but this bike will potentially scattante road bike r550 you well longer as far as build quality goes.

Compare to maybe Trek, Specialized, Fuji, or Ridley, and this bike scattante road bike r550 not do quite as well In either build quality or Performance. This along with other bikes from the Scattante are more meant for price-point than quality, so take every bike with a grain of salt. Between the last time I can remember however, I can't think of any bike that I've seen from Scattante besides their attempted restart in that has been released since Looking at the reviews, they are pretty old themselves.

Now this isn't really a big deal as far as the frame, cables, housing, and wheels go. If you look at the seat, bar tape, tubes, tires, and brake pads, you may have old rubber that has been sitting for potentially 5 years. I'm not saying that it will turn to dust, however performance and longevity will not fair well.

Expect to have to change these fairly quickly after you purchase it. Again, not guaranteeing that this will happen but always a possibility. Lastly comes the Components. That that you are looking at. Hate to tell you but that is 5 years old or so. That likely isn't even close to today's standards. With this, to give their lower end components scattante road bike r550 leverage in the market, they will take their older Ultegra line and market it as their "New and Improved ". It's not new and improved at all, you are just getting a better groupo for what you're spending.

I will say that most of this is coming straight from memory, so there may be some errors. Scattante road bike r550 you know the right answers or have official sources, let me know so I can edit! Bike is an older House-Brand model that may need a lot of upgrades with outdated equipment.

I think you're a bit off the mark with your understanding of Shimano product cycle. They are generally pretty transparent about the generations of components, and you can usually tell by looking what's going on.

Technology trickles down, but that doesn't mean that today's Ultegra is last year's Dura Ace with a different sticker. Typically, they will roll out all of the best technology into a new Dura Ace version every couple years, then in between they will upgrade their other groups with some of that technology. Generally this means cheaper construction, heavier weight, less cogs, etc. For example, 10 speed Dura Ace came out inwith 10 speed indexed shifting and hollowtech bottom bracket.

As late asTiagra 3 levels below Dura Ace was still being sold as a 10 speed group with shifters that were visually very similar, and used the same pull ratios, mechanisms, etc, long after Dura Ace eur 1 movement certificate word moved onto new generations. But they aren't the same components - the Tiagra stuff is cheaper manufacturer and heavier.

Depending on where you buy in the product structure and when you buy in the refresh cycle, you may or may not get all of the latest technology, but you'll always have a somewhat heavier and cheaper system. For instance, the current group is completely compatible with current Dura Ace - all the same technology, just designed to be a little cheaper and heavier to hit a lower price point. There's plenty of info out there about what's compatible with what.

OP's is the previous generationwhich was 10 speeds. This is a generation that is generally not well regarded - it was the first time Shimano did shift cables under the bar tape, which meant relocating the ratcheting mechanism from the brake lever to the shifter body, and there were some growing pains with it.

Dura Ace was upgraded in to 11 speeds. InUltegra got the scattante road bike r550 treatment, followed by Then the year after, Tiagra scattante road bike r550 Sora got some of the technology, but were still 10 and 9 speeds, respectively. Dura Ace just got an upgrade forso it's about time for the cycle to begin again, although the to DA upgrade was more evolutionary, it didn't get as big of a change as the to scattante road bike r550 or the to upgrade. I just think it's a little misleading to imply that they are flat out rebranding old components as being a lower level.

What they are doing is putting technology and design elements from their marquee groupset into their lower priced scattante road bike r550. Thank you! I haven't worked in a shop for a while now so that's kinda just what I remembered, thanks for the detail! I thought that the under the tape was started back in like ?

Under the tape started with Dura Ace which I think wasthen trickled down into Ultegra and I don't know their release dates off the top of my head, but DA went 11 speed in and then Ultegra and quickly followed.

It's a bit scattante road bike r550 a trade-off really - the newer lower end groups are still a bit heavier and have cheaper materials DA has had carbon brake levers for several generations but brand new Tiagra is still metalbut they have some of the newer technology that improves shifting and braking performance, and replacement parts are cheaper.

I do generally agree with you though, I'd be hesitant to jump into a new old stock bike that potentially has old rubber and a groupset that's been discontinued for years unless it was a really good scattante road bike r550 or a high end frame. I've got the new groupset on my touring bike, it's very nice and shifts way better than the older Ultegra set I have and feels better doing it to boot.

I actually dislike the feeling of the new Ultegra and levers, to me they feel like mush. As far as weight, sure the old DA shifters had carbon levers and titanium clamps. However the Tiagra is only around grams heavier than those old DA despite using metal levers and steel clamps. So while it's cheaper to manufacture, it's definitely not "cheap".

I'd say it's every bit on par withjust 10 speed instead of In the next coming months a lot of the models will start becoming available. This means that ALL dealers will try to sell off what they have from last year, to try to make room for the new stuff. I've seen some good deals from both Performance and other LBS around town.

Okay, I'll look into both. Only bike around me is quite expensive from memory but I'll give it a look. Know anything about the frames that Scattante sells?

Probably not the XRL but the other one they sell. Unable to link the one I'm talking about, but you'll see if you're in the Scrattante section.

Don't build custom unless you know what you're doing. You will get junk parts that don't work well together. If you're in a big city, look on Craigslist for something Tiagra equipped.

A recent Sora bike might be ok. From my scattante road bike r550, most scattante's are garbage. I would save for something that's got NEW components for a few hundred more. Looks scattante road bike r550 a pretty good deal, you'd be hard pressed to find something new that's better for that price.

It doesn't seem to be in stock anymore though. The partial groupset may be previous gen, but it's certainly not bad. You could buy a nice set of tires with your leftover budget though the current ones may be good enough, especially if you're looking to save some money. It's fineand there's nothing scattante road bike r550 with 10 speed It's a good group set.

It will do a fine job for most purposes you are likely to use it for, including longer rides and such. Is the newer "better"? Yes, by degrees. But that doesn't audio tumblr last-gen bad. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Scattante R Road Bike – with upgrades – More Adventures Ahead!

You've been outbid by See all options. Pick-up for this item is available at our warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. This bike has not been evaluated by a bicycle mechanic. Item may not have original parts, parts included may be damaged and non-functional.

Parts may need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced. Some parts may be missing. Assembly Required: Bikes picked up at Will-Call are fully assembled but bikes that are shipped will require some assembly.

Please carefully review our shipping and returns policy before committing to a bid. Shipping is only available within the US. Applicable sales tax may apply. From time to time, and at its sole discretion, PropertyRoom. Shipping Weight: What scattante road bike r550 Dimensional Weight? Shipping is only available within the continental United States. International shipping is scattante road bike r550 available. By bidding on any item, you expressly agree that use of the website and the services is at your sole risk and subject to the user agreement.

PropertyRoom disclaims, on its own behalf and, when acting as an agent, on behalf of its principal, all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, and specifically scattante road bike r550 any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

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Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties, so the some of the foregoing exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Scattante R Road Bike. Important icon ID: Add to Watch List.

Ends May 07, at Current highest bidder: Frame Size: Aluminum Speeds: Shimano Derailleurs: Unknown Shift Type: Trigger Frame Color: Bike, Bikes, Bicycle, Bicycles Condition: Fair This item is untested and may require repair.

Item is sold "As Is" and is not returnable. View information on item conditions. Shipping From: Memphis, TN Please carefully review our shipping and returns policy before committing to a bid. Notes Shipping Weight: P Bids placed by proxy. To learn more about proxy bids, click here. Questions There are currently no questions about this listing. Have a question about this item? Sign-in to ask a question. Terms of Sale Disclaimer: Email has been sent successfully.

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scattante road bike r550

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Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle. Thread Tools.

Someone is offering to sell their used Scattante R I'd mainly use this bike to get to and from class everyday about 4 milesand to get to my friends place 10 miles away and some longer group rides miles. I won't be racing with it. It has Shimano all around and a triple chainring. Do you guys think its a good deal? Can anyone describe like how the ride is on the bike?

STiff, harsh or is it alright? Its aluminum and only has carbon fork, no carbon seatstays. Last edited by sunv; at View Public Profile. Find More Posts by sunv. Brian Ratliff. At four years old, the frame is mostly worthless, being that it's a generic aluminum frame that's old.

At that price point, I wouldn't worry about the ride. As long as the pedals turn the wheel and the frame holds everything together, you're golden. Give it indurain cronometro very good look over, or take it to a shop to do the same, before you buy it. Look for wheels that are bent, worn chainrings, cracks in the frame and fork, cables that are frayed. If there are scattante road bike r550 of gouges in the brake levers, it means the bike's been crashed hard at least once.

Doesn't mean it's no good, just that you should look scattante road bike r550 for damage. Even if you find some of these things excepting cracks in the frame - run scattante road bike r550 if this is the case it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it, just that you should be paying less. Last edited by Brian Ratliff; at Find More Posts by Brian Ratliff. Hmm I understand where youre coming from. I dont think I can get him to lower fromit was already at and he lowered to But it does substituto antonia gomes firefox with aerobars, shoes my size!

So hopefully it won't be a banged up bike. THe dude said he had used it in triathlons so I am confident it is in working condition and doesn't have defects. Find More Posts by skol. If you like the bike, it fits you, is mechanically sound, and you scattante road bike r550 envision riding it seem to be the more important questions. Find More Posts by sbxx So I was kind on the fence about buying the Scattante after I read your guyses replies and I was watching this Cannondale R Caad4 on ebay.

And boy did he give me alot of extras. He gave me his saddlebag and inside I found a tube, a couple CO2 canisters with the refiller, and a crankbros multitool with a chainbreaker on it! I had been meaning to buy a chainbreaker for a long time, now I got one included in my bag!

He also gave me his Pearl Izumi cycling shorts, a "farmer john" shorts, a jersey, some long pants for biking at night, socks I dont know why he gave me socks, but they are bright colored and his helmet. I also got his shoes which fit perfectly. I never had all this gear before and usually ride in my jeans and sneakers.

Now I can get all Spandexed up like those guys that always pass me. The bike is awesome. He even has a cadence monitor on his scattante road bike r550. When I first got on, it felt and fit great, and surprisingly it was very comfortable.

I wasn't hunched over or straining my back like on my current bike. The ride was very smooth and the shifting was ok. It wasnt as fast as I wanted but probably because I was going slow and pedaling slow. The chain didn't rattle all the time like my current bike does. Its also ok weight wise. I expected it to be lighter but it may be because of the aerobars on there.

And I almost fell over cause I didn't clip out in time! I tried going into the aero bars and it was comfortable as well. I had to reposition a bit in the saddle to move my junk out of the way but it was comfortable on my shoulders and back.

All in all I think it was a good purchase. Especially because of the extra clothes I got. Now I look forward to riding alot more, and riding more efficiently with those aerobars.

He gave you his used spandex? Find More Posts by Scattante road bike r550. Yea apparently he was totally getting out of cycling.

They aren't discolored and they dont smell funny or anything. And he was my height and just a scattante road bike r550 stockier, so it all fits well. When I was growing up and throughout high school my mom would always shop for my clothes at the thrift shop. And to this day I still have some of them. Of course she wouldn't buy my boxers at the thrift shop so I easy camera see how it is somewhat odd.

Cause you're not supposed to wear underwear with those cycling shorts right. Hold is right there fella. We don't wear other dudes shorts around these parts. Find More Posts by spry. You did the sniff test of the used shorts over your head? No underwear under it. Good to know you're happy with the purchase! Enjoy it! Not a bad idea to get it tuned up only if it needs it of course. Side note: You said the aerobars are comfy? Scattante road bike r550 after long. Meant to be fast, not comfortable.

Originally Posted by rjones Are they talking about spectators feeding the cyclists? You know, like don't feed the bears? Find More Posts by mzeffex. Sounds like you cleaned up on that deal. How's about some pics?? Find More Posts by cyclefreaksix. Find More Posts by Kurogashi. It's surprising that you bought the bike without going for a test ride, or even touching it, first I presume this is true, since you scattante road bike r550 surprised by the weight. Glad you're happy with it.

Find More Posts by LinebackerU. Originally Posted by sunv. He also gave me his Pearl Izumi cycling shorts, a "farmer scattante road bike r550 shorts Visit midgetmaestro's homepage! Find More Posts by midgetmaestro. Posting Rules. You may not post new threads. BB code is On. Smilies scattante road bike r550 On. Forum Rules. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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