Sunrav software

sunrav software

Download SunRav TestOfficePro. Software for the creation, administration, evaluation, and archiving of tests. HelpCruiser is authoring software for developers and techwriters. Prepare on-line and off-line SunRav Software release HelpCruiser March 22, Our software has been used for testing at schools, universities, businesses, and other organizations since The testing products we offer continue to grow. sunrav software

SunRav TestOfficePro sunrav software a comprehensive solution for giving tests in educational institutions and in enterprises. It consists of the following programs: The format of reports can be customized with the help of the built-in report designer. It is possible to save reports in the most popular formats xls, html, xml, rtf, pdf, sunrav software, jpeg With this package, you can easily create tests on any subjects of the school curriculum, on any discipline in higher education, any tests for professional training, various psychological tests, etc.

All the information is encrypted with strong encryption methods. It is possible to create special compact disks that can be used to take tests without installing the software. And the user does not have to shoshin marcus d-s4all anything - it is enough just to insert the compact disk into the drive and select a test. After the test is over, its results can be sent by e-mail. The interface of the sunrav software is multilingual.

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